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"ZhanAss Consult" Company

"ZhanAss Consult" Company

 "ZhanAss Consult"  LLP had taken a part  in the state project of the fourth direction, which is called "Business Road Map 2020”. As the result of the competition our company was selected as a service company, to provide service and support  of the accounting and tax accounting, and statistical reporting in Almaty city.

Services related to accounting and tax accounting, and statistical reporting, including consultations on the issues:

  • taxation and tax administration
  • tax laws and legislation, which is  governing the accounting activities of the company
  • handling of the basic documents, taxes and other payments to the budget
  • accounting recovery
  • accounting
  • working with the program "1C-Accounting"
  • preparation and delivery of tax and statistical reports
  • reports  based on the financial activities  for other  companies
  • submission of  the electronic statistical reports

Our Services


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