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Customs accompaniment


Dear ladies and gentlemen!


       ZhanAss Consult LLP is pleased to offer you a full range of advisory services about customs procedures, which include the following:

Consultation in the field of customs legislation and customs procedures;

Consultations about  the rules and procedure of declaring goods, identification and correction of customs value, filling the customs declaration;

Advice on tariff and non-tariff products;

Documentary support of foreign economical activity;

Consultations about obtaining licenses, permits for foreign economic activity;

Consultations about the declaration of goods within the Customs Union;

Consulting services in terms of foreign trade contracts.


We're looking forward to the long term cooperation with your company!


+7 727 3111608;

+7 701 7585863;

+7 777 7771161.

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Director Abilov A.K.



The basic rules of business

     Business - is for the brave. There are people who have spent years searching for a business idea, - but  can not dare to start their own business. Even if they finally dare to do that, most of the time they fail and  give up their dreams. Many of us start to ask ourselves  should  we do it? Maybe it’s and more quietly  and  safely to live behind the others? It is very doubtful. By choosing this path, we simply pass the responsibility for your life to others. After all, they can find someone to blame for their failures. Of course, everyone decides for himself: to create a business or just continue to go to work. But if you still decided to create your own business, then these rules are for you.

1. The idea of ​​the business must be so interesting, so that other people want to participate in it or invest. If not, the chances of losing your money more than high. And it is better to spend more  time to finish the idea. Your idea must be so great  so  you wouldn’t mind to spend money on it.

2. A successful business is built on the principle "money forward".  If you pay attention, all successful business works on this principle. For example, hypermarkets, if you want to work  with them you have  to pay entrance fee. And only  in 90 days you will get money for your goods back. But hypermarket gets the money sooner. Find how you can achieve such conditions in their business and success is guaranteed.

3. Remember, no matter what situation is happening, there is always a solution. "The one who searches always finds!". When someone is creating a business, he thinks that problems that occur  in the beginning,  will decrease in the process. But, it is an  illusion. Problems do not become less. You  will just  get more experience. This experience helps to find solutions to any problems and do not step on the same rake twice.

4. In business, you must  learn. Most of  businessmen understand if you want to run a company successfully, you need to be interested in many things. Of course, if in some areas you are not very strong, you can hire a knowledgeable professional who will take responsibility for some of the questions. But still you, as the owner of the company, will make the final decision, so any knowledge would never be useless in business. Try to learn from people who themselves were able to build a successful business and have achieved great results.

5. Meet and communicate with successful people. It is generally one of the most important. If you  start using it, your life will change to the better. I think, in your environment, there a couple of successful people, and if there are none, looking for new connections. And when you find the right people - just watch them, their actions, do not be afraid to ask them for advice. People love to feel experts and show that  they more skilled than you.

 Tyshchenko Ekaterina



 Secrets of success

The first and the main secret of success - is a huge  intention to be successful in life.

Kknowledge that you will succeed.

Hard work.

Only hard work will lead you to the goal. 


Every your word, each of your thoughts - it's  a self-suggestion... You can choose for yourself what you think, so please think about myself a couple of minutes from the best point of view: you are a unique person, there is no other such in the world . Think only about the good moments. Focus on them. And you will notice that your mood changed in a positive way. And if you do it you will definitely change the attitude towards life, in which you are a student, a teacher, a master of his destiny.

Planning  life, setting goals.Not knowing how to achieve their desires, begin to set goals. It’s the best way from loser to a successful person.

A good way of life. The secret of all successful people is good, even very good opinion of  themselves. You just have to love and respect yourself. It all starts with you.

Self-development. The world is so dynamic that a person can not stand in one place.

Learn to be grateful for all the good and bad that happens to you. Experience in a life of each person plays a very important role, and therefore it is a necessary part of his development .

If  happened something bad, then quickly analyze why it happened, sort out the problem and do not repeat the bad experience. Forget about the situation, and live a new day with its joys and failures.

Ignore the negative information that comes to you. If it’s possible, remove the source of the negative information. Turn your thoughts into another area.

By following these tips, you can achieve  all your goals.


Author:  Tyshchenko Ekaterina


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